Massage is a Must!

When we think of massage, we think indulgence, extravagance or luxury. One wouldn’t associate the word “prevention” with massage however it’s time to change the way we think.


Receiving a massage is such a peaceful experience – you feel relaxed as tension melts away from your body. The outside world and its worries become nonexistent for an hour or so.  Studies continue to prove the benefits of massage on a physical and emotional level, with noticeable benefits even after just one massage. Research shows that massage can lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and relax muscles.  Massage also aids in the release of endorphins, your body’s “feel good” hormone.


In today’s culture, so many of us sit at our desks in the workplace for hours on end, or even at home in front of the computer.  This promotes tension in the upper back and neck by hunching forward to hack away at the keyboard.  Not only does tension build but, over time, you develop poor posture as some muscles become fatigued while others become overworked.  This hunched over posture can also have an effect on your breathing, as the chest cavity may become compressed.  Massage addresses this by relaxing muscles and reprogramming them on the correct way of being.


Another unwanted effect of sitting for extended periods of time is that your body is not getting the movement it wants and needs.  This leads to a decreased range of motion in joints and produces nagging pains.  Massage addresses your muscles, the connective tissue that surrounds them as well as your joint cavities.  Through working these parts of your body, your optimal functioning can be renewed.


Massage also plays a role in boosting your immune system.  Massage works with the body’s lymphatic system, the system that rids your body of waste.  Through regular massage, the body’s lymphatic circulation and blood flow are increased.  This means less time being sick.


Some other benefits of massage include:


  • stress reduction and relief
  • improved circulation
  • relief from headaches
  • reduces neck, shoulder and back aches/problems
  • helps with insomnia
  • helps with digestive disorders, bowel trouble and pms symptoms
  • boost immune system



Start reaping the many therapeutic benefits of massage today by calling to schedule your appointment.  The rewards are worth it!