Prevention with Pressotherapy.

When was the last time you checked in on your lower half?

If you work a desk job or skip the weekly yoga classes, everything from your hips down to your ankles is probably a little bent out of shape.  Don’t worry, We aren’t not going to be talking about the benefits of stretching or the harmfulness of sitting. You’ve probably heard those things before. But in the hopes of achieving a positive status quo with your body, we want to introduce you Pressotherapy,  and how it can be the revitalizing break your body and mind may need.


Here’s how it works:

You put on the “space pants” and a computer-controlled pressure system focuses compressed air on the different parts of your lower body. Specifically; it’s working on your lymphatic system. Meaning its improving blood flow (circulation) to the area, and improving oxygen flow to the rest of your body. This in turn leads to a reduction in toxin build up, any swelling/ stiffness/ soreness/ sluggishness you may be experiencing, and it also prevents those pesky varicose veins from nestling in on your legs. (Where blood pools in your veins that are constantly fighting gravity.) All of the above can be associated with prolonged sitting; or an inactive lower body.


The treatment lasts about 45 minutes, and leaves you with the sensation of a lightness in the limbs and an overall feeling of relaxation. Having a fresh body will energize and prepare you for the challenges ahead – whether its returning to school, work, a project about to start, or the changing of seasons.


Pressotherapy can be a nice prelude to a relaxing weekend. Combine it with a hike, a swim, or maybe even a massage! Check in on your lower body. Treat yourself. Try it out and remind yourself how good the human body can feel!


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