Spring Cleaning The Body

We all know about ‘spring cleaning’. Just as our house needs a thorough cleaning to freshen it up after a long winter, so does our body.

The human body is a self-healing, self-renewing, self-cleansing organism. When the right conditions are created, vibrant well-being is its natural state. A good way to create the “right conditions” is to detox.

Doing a detox is like hitting a reset button for your body. It will help to increase your energy levels, balance your hormones, improve digestion, give your adrenals a much needed break, help break cravings and make you feel joyous all over, not to mention beautiful glowing skin.

There are many different ways to detox so it’s important to do some research and find the way that is best for you.

In the meantime, these beverages are a good way to get started!



Lovely Lemons

Start your day by filling a pitcher with a few squeezed lemons, ice, and water. Drinking lemon water gives you extra vitamin C — plus potassium, magnesium, and copper — and helps you absorb more nutrients like iron and calcium from the other foods you eat. Better nutrient absorption often means less bloating. Lemon water stimulates the liver and the flushing out of toxins because it acts as a mild diuretic, which can also help you shed excess water weight.


Beautiful Bone Broth Redux

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew the wisdom of using up chicken and meat bones to make a strong broth for occasional ills and as a base for hearty soups. Bone broths are good for your immune system and your soul. Improving joint health, and boosting the immune system.


Wonderful Water

Lemon water is fine, but if you’re serious about spring cleaning from the inside-out you’ll need more water of any and every type. How much should you drink? Divide your body weight by half and drink that much in ounces. So, if you weigh 130 pounds your water intake should be 65 ounces a day. If that seems overwhelming, make your water more interesting with flavorful additions like berries and crushed mint, cubed melon, and sliced jalapeno, or cooling slices of cucumber with lemongrass.


Magic Matcha

We have all heard the benefits of green tea, but Matcha green tea is the queen of green teas. Among its many benefits, Matcha green tea is known as a powerful anti-carcinogen and it also helps you lose fat. Epigallocatechin (EGCG) is a component found in the leaves used to make matcha, that can transform fat into fuel in the bloodstream through a process called thermogenesis. The process helps you shed pounds — especially when you add the caffeine in Matcha — it has three times more than regular green tea. High-quality Matcha — it’s worth spending a bit more — is a brilliant green colour with a slightly grassy, mildly bitter aftertaste. It makes a refreshing iced tea as well as a hot tea. Matcha’s detox ability is due to its naturally high amount of chlorophyll, which helps cleanse your body and remove toxins from the liver.


Brilliant Beets

Known as a blood cleanser, beets produce nitric acid, which helps increase blood flow throughout your body. Drinking the juice provides a boost of vitamin E, carotenes, phenolic acids, and betalains, a type of antioxidant that helps repair and regenerate cells in the liver. Make a cleansing beet, grapefruit, baby greens, and feta salad or combine beets, apples, celery, lemon juice, and a few sprigs of cilantro for a power refresher.


Powerful Pineapple

Pineapples not only have more vitamin C than oranges, they also contain the digestive enzyme bromelain, which helps cleanse your colon and assists with digestion. Researchers have also tested bromelain to treat muscle strains, decrease joint pain, and manage digestive disorders — the enzyme seems to have anti-inflammatory abilities!